Nava Bharat Ventures Limited

Nava Bharat Energy India Limited (NBEIL)

This is a step down subsidiary of Nava Bharat Ventures Limited (NBV). NBEIL is operating a 150 MW Coal Fired Power Plant at Paloncha in Telangana, India.

The Power Plant uses Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion(CFBC) technology.

Advantages of (CFBC) technology

  • Eco-friendly operation due to low emissions of NOx and SOx caused by low combustion temperature (< 1000°C)
  • Higher combustion efficiency with less CO2 emissions
  • Simple process of desulphurization, if required, with better control of SOx emissions
  • Flexibility to use wide range of fuels
  • Simple process of fuel preparation with minimum dust generation

The main equipment for the Power Plant comprises

  • 520 tph CFBC boiler from Wuxi Huaguang Boiler Company Limited, China
  • 156 MW Turbo Generator from Dongfang Turbine Company, China
  • Two-stream Electro Static Precipitator from Alstom, India

The Power Plant was commissioned and synchronised with A.P. Power Grid on 28th February, 2013.