Nava Bharat Ventures Limited


The healthcare industry provides services and products with the aim of improving the well-being of patients. It remains one of the fastest growing industries due to aging populations, improvements in diagnostic services, earlier interventions and improved medicines and overall care. The industry is largely unaffected by political changes or financial issues that may negatively impact many other sectors.

The Company through its Subsidiary has acquired a majority stake in TIASH Pte. Ltd, a newly formed holding Company focusing on healthcare, which has the following subsidiaries:

The Iron Suites Pte. Ltd: The first clinic was opened in Singapore where research has demonstrated that approximately 1 in 3 women of child-bearing age may be unknowingly suffering from iron deficiency. The clinic focuses on the management of iron deficiency and is a leading center for the administration of intravenous iron. Geographical expansion of the clinics is currently being assessed.

TIS Pte. Ltd: Provides management services for the healthcare industry, including but not limited to, operational management of The Iron Suites Medical Centers, organization of medical events and congresses, disease awareness programs and health-related corporate programs.

Compai Pharma Pte. Ltd: A specialized pharmaceutical Company currently headquartered in Singapore with offices in Malaysia. The Company focuses on in-licensing devices and pharmaceutical medicines. Most recently a Sales and Supply agreement has been executed with a leading MNC for exclusive distribution for an intravenous iron in Malaysia. Final approvals from regulatory authorities that will permit launch are expected by the end of 2018. The Company has a specialized team of experienced medical and sales professionals.