Nava Bharat Ventures Limited

Agri Business

Agricultural sector plays an important role in developing economies. Recognizing this role, the Company diversified into agri-business, starting with sugarcane development and production of sugar and downstream products.

The Company’s philosophy for development of agri-business revolves around

  • Implementation of new and appropriate crop production technologies
  • Development of farmers through contract farming
  • Innovative measures for energy conservation and protection of environment in the processing units
Highlights of Achievements
  • The Company’s Sugar Plant is one of the most energy efficient sugar plants, operating with an electrical energy consumption of 23 kWh per tonne of cane crushed and 31% steam consumption on cane.
  • Zero discharge of effluents achieved by installation of a reverse osmosis plant and spent wash evaporation plant and 100% utilization of the product received from the evaporation plant for composting filter cake and producing organic manure.
  • Domestic
  • International
Sugar Plant in Andhra Pradesh, India

Location : Samalkot, Andhra Pradesh

Capacity : 4000 TCD

Distillery Plant in Andhra Pradesh, India

Location : Samalkot, Andhra Pradesh

Capacity : 20 KLPD

Ethanol Plant in Andhra Pradesh, India

Location : Samalkot, Andhra Pradesh

Capacity : 30 KLPD

International Agri Business Activities

To leverage its expertise in agri-business, NBV has identified good potential for development of commercial agriculture in Zambia and Tanzania, in Africa.


Kariba Sugar Limited (KSL), a step-down subsidiary of NBV, is implementing an integrated Sugar Project in Luena Farm Block, Kawambwa District , Luapula Province, Zambia. The project comprises a 7500 tcd Sugar Plant, 20 KLPD Distillery, 20MW Cogeneration Power Plant and a facility to produce 1.5 MTPA of enriched manure from press mud, a by-product of the Distillery. The Government of Republic of Zambia has allotted 10,000 hectares of land to the project.

Oil Palm

The company is implementing, through its step down subsidiaries, two Integrated Oil Palm projects comprising oil palm cultivation, oil extraction and refining along with co-generation of power - one as a joint venture with National Development Corporation and the other, in association with Rufizi Basin Development Authority in Tanzania. Out-grower development around the project areas is also envisaged.